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Thank you for your interest in our ring! If you want to jump right in and see the sites within the ring, scroll on down to the Ring Navigator at the bottom of the page and get busy!

Perhaps you would like to add your Grand Prix related site to the ring? If so, here are the information and requirements:

  • The site must be a Pontiac Grand Prix (any year!) related site.
  • You must place the web ring HTML on your site (otherwise, what's the use?!)
  • You must use the HTML and graphics as provided for use in the web ring on your site. Exceptions to this are the changes required below, and the addition of "Target=" tags for use in frames based sites.
  • You must submit your accurate site and contact information to the ring.

So, ready to sign up?! Follow this link to start the sign up! You might want to take a look at the HTML and instructions below, so you have a good understanding on how this works first.

How to add the Web Ring to your site

You will want to copy the HTML below, and add it into your web page.

You will need to change "YOURMAIL@YOURSITE.COM" to your email address, and "YOUR NAME" to your name.

You will also need to change "YOURID" (which you will see a few times in the HTML) to the ID number that gets assigned to you after you sign up with the ring.

Managing your Web Ring information

You can manage your information, including seeing the "standard" HTML that you should be including on your pages (as seen above) at the Web Ring Manager. The Ring ID you will need when logging in is clubgp.

Thanks! See you in the ring!

This Pontiac Grand Prix Web Ring site owned by ClubGP.

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