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Pontiac GPX and GTP Pictures

Pontiac GPX!

For those of you that don't know... The GPX was a prototype car built by Pontiac back in 1995-96. They showed the car at the various car shows, etc. The 97+ Grand Prix's are based a lot on the GPX concept car. Sadly, they didn't decide to implement ALL the GPX features in our Grand Prix's. But I'm quite sure this helped keep the cost down!

I would like to thank GTOken for contributing many of the pictures below of the Pontiac GPX! Also, thanks to Avarice for some of the Pace Car pictures.

For those of you that don't recognize these names, get your butts on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and join the #grandprix channel!

The GPX in Black!
Front side view of a GPX in a cool red.
Same as above, but on the track!
Awesome Shot of a GPX!

The GTP Pace Car
Pace Car, Side Shot
Pace Car, side shot with older model pace cars
Another one, on the track
Head on shot of a Pace car

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