ClubGP Donating Member Information

ClubGP does not charge a membership fee for either the web site, or the national Club. Instead, we offer products on the ClubGP Store, and take donations supporting the web site.

Why should you donate? We can always use money to help us us run the site, make changes, pay for bandwidth, and server/bandwidth upgrades.

What do I get for donating? Of course, you get the pride of knowing you are supporting a great resource! We also show your "donating level" on the ClubGP Message Forum when you post messages. We also have a ClubGP Photo Album area, allowing donating members to upload and host pictures! Hot linking to pictures hosted with ClubGP has not been allowed, except from the Forum.

We have recently added a few new benefits... If you have donations totalling $100 or more with us, you can link to pictures hosted here from other sites or within email, etc! We have also added a Maintenance/Repair log book to your Registry section as well for these same members!

Wish to make a donation? Donate here via PayPal. Don't have a PayPal account yet? You can create one here!

After you've donated, please email the ClubGP Webmaster with your ClubGP Owners ID (numeric) and a note letting us know you donated! Don't know your ID? Look your name up here.

Forum Donating Member Status
  • Bronze: Under $50
  • Silver: $50 to $149
  • Gold: $150 to $299
  • Platinum: Over $300
ClubGP Photo Album Space Allocations
  • Under $10, 1meg of space
  • $10 to $19, 2meg of space
  • $20 to $49, 5meg of space
  • $50 to $99, 10meg of space
  • $100 to $299, 20meg of space
  • $300 and above, 30meg of space

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