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November 1, 1997


ClubGP, a national car club for new Pontiac Grand Prix owners, is now accepting members.

Allen, Texas ClubGP has recently been established as a national car club for Pontiac Grand Prix owners. ClubGP is now forming local chapters around the country.

"ClubGP was started by auto enthusiasts who believe that the new Pontiac Grand Prix is the beginning of a design dynasty. ClubGP will be the gathering agency of all types of information for new Grand Prix owners. As a member of ClubGP, you will be joining a group of auto enthusiasts who have a common interest in the Grand Prix. We will salute the ever-growing interest in the new Grand Prix and more importantly, you will be able to more fully enjoy your ownership.", says Mike Napurano, ClubGP founder and administrator.

For additional information, visit the ClubGP web site at

For more information call (972) 359-9283 or E-Mail to