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The 10/30/97 Press Release
NTCGP: North Texas ClubGP
WDCCGP: Washington DC ClubGP
SEACGP: Seattle ClubGP
SCACGP: So. California ClubGP
Chicago Grand Prix Club
Greater Ohio ClubGP
KCCGP: Kansas City ClubGP
OQCGP: Ontario/Quebec ClubGP
STLCGP: St Louis ClubGP
WICGP: Wiconsin ClubGP
HACGP: Houston Area ClubGP
MACGP: Mid Atlantic ClubGP
RMCGP: Rocky Mountain ClubGP
GACGP: Georgia ClubGP
UNYCGP: Upstate New York ClubGP
IACGP: Iowa ClubGP *
TBCGP: Tampa Bay ClubGP *
MCCGP: Motor City ClubGP
AlamoCGP: Alamo City ClubGP
PACGP: Pittsburgh Area ClubGP *
SEVACGP: South Eastern Virginia ClubGP
ABCGP: Alberta Canada ClubGP *
NCSCGP: North & South Carolina ClubGP *
MIGPC: Michigan Grand Prix Club
NECGP: North East ClubGP
CNCGP: Cincinnati Club Grand Prix
GRVACGP: Greater Richmond Virginia Club Grand Prix
NYMCGP: New York Metro Club Grand Prix
INDYCGP: Indy Club Grand Prix
TACGP: Triangle Area Club Grand Prix
MASSCGP: Massachusetts Club Grand Prix
COCGP: Central Ohio Club Grand Prix *
TSACGP: Tri-State Club Grand Prix *
MNCGP: Minnesota Club Grand Prix
AZCLUBGP: Arizona Club Grand Prix
PDXCGP: Portland Club Grand Prix
JSCGP: Jersey Shore Club Grand Prix

ClubGP is The Club for Grand Prix Owners!

ClubGP was started by auto enthusiasts who believe that the new Pontiac Grand Prix is the beginning of a design dynasty. The new Grand Prix will be used by a wide range of owner-types, in an unlimited number of applications, from all-out road racing to fun touring and just for daily commuting. ClubGP will be the gathering agency of all types of information for new Grand Prix owners.

As a member of ClubGP, you will be joining a group of auto enthusiasts who have a common interest in the Grand Prix. We will salute the ever-growing interest in the new Grand Prix and more importantly, you will be able to more fully enjoy your ownership. ClubGP is owner oriented and your input is important.

We are an organization whose purpose is to promote the enjoyment of, and enthusiasm for, one of the most exciting cars - the Pontiac Grand Prix.

As a member, you will benefit from the combined knowledge and experiences of other Grand Prix enthusiasts. Whether you seek maintenance tips, information about upgrades and accessories, or suggestions on caring for your Grand Prix's finish, you can be sure that one or more of our members will have the answer to your questions.

Monthly club events are aimed at attracting Grand Prix enthusiasts from all parts of the country. These events include fun runs, rallyes, tech sessions, and social gatherings. Imagine experiencing your favorite scenic drive or curvy back road with a dozen Grand Prix's stretched out in front of you and another dozen trailing behind in your rearview mirror! Or sitting down at a local eatery to enjoy a favorite food in the company of others who understand the unique joy of driving a Grand Prix!

Owning and driving a Grand Prix is one of life's great pleasures, and adding the company and camaraderie of like-minded enthusiasts only enhances the experience.

Be sure and join the general ClubGP Mailing list if there is not a Club (as listed below) for your area by sending an email to listserv@gp-owners.com with a message of "subscribe clubgp YOURNAME".

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How To Join

Print out the ClubGP Flyer and distribute!

You've been waiting for the American car that would "stir your blood" and answer the competition. Buying your Grand Prix was step one; joining the club, the backbone of organized activity, is step two!

1) Register your car in the Owners Registry.
2) Join the mailing list of your local club (Go to your local Clubs page via the links above)... or if you don't have a local club, join the national ClubGP mailing list (instructions on this page).
3) Notify your ClubGP Administrator of your interest in the club.

We will then add your ClubGP membership information into our files, including the online membership list!

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Local Chapters

Local chapters are now forming. As membership grows, you can be involved in local chapter activites that will increase your enjoyment of Grand Prix ownership while sharing friendship with other Grand Prix owners on a social basis. If you are interested in forming a chapter in your area, download the ClubGP Chapter Agreement and/or contact the ClubGP Administrator now!

At the top of this page is links to the different local ClubGP's. If there is one in your area, we suggest going to that Club's page and getting more information!

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Stay tuned for more information!

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