Member 1/4 Mile FAQ

All 1/4 mile times go into an approval queue when submitted in a users profile. You can submit as many time slips and runs as you'd like. They also do not need to be submitted in any particular order.


Submissions must be carried out to match the time slip you send us exactly. A basic 12.7@106 will not be accepted.

Submission critera:

Valid scanned or photographed timeslip with the following:

  1. Date
  2. Name of track
  3. Complete RT, 60', 330' etc
Note: We understand that a track may have equipment malfunctions. In those cases your time will be allowed barring the missing values are not the 1/4 mile time or mph..

If your run is deemed questionable we may ask your for another form of "proof" consisting of one or more of the following:

  1. Video of the run
  2. Confirmation by a reputable member of clubgp.
  3. Official race/event results
Primary time slip should be uploaded as part of the system. Additional proof can be submitted via email to

Times are tracked by date of submission and will be deleted if the required proof is not submitted.

If your time is not showing up in your respective clubs sub-list chances are that you are not a member of that club according to the registry. To be added you need to submit your member id to that clubs administrator and have them add you to the list. Links to the various clubs are here: Club info

If you see questionable times, please let us know.

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