Temporary Fuel Resistor Fix

Written by Jerry Homolka, Member 1682
Applies to the following vehicles: 1997-2003 Grand Prix, Regal
Created 3/26/2003

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Purpose: Many people have been left stranded with a car that doesn't run at all or at best idles for a few seconds and then dies. Most of the time it's happened to some unwary GPer sitting at a light... they turn to go, move a few feet and the car dies, or it dies a few seconds after starting. This is the fault of the fuel pump resistor. This offending piece is located (on my '99 at least) un the fender area BEHIND the battery. If one gets the right angle you can just see it by looking into the fender in that area.

How it is done: Well, the fix is that the fuel resistor needs to be replaced, but if one is on the side of the road with a "dead" car, what can be done? Steve Foster of the OQCGP offered this advice:

Here is what you do. Remove the relay in the underhood electrical center by your battery. The relay should be labeled "f/pmp spd cont relay" or something along those lines. It is supposed to read fuel pump speed control.
Take along a paperclip, and short out pins 30 and 87A. to do this, remove the relay, and where those pins were on the fuse-block, put the paperclip in those 2 positions.

If you do not feel comfortable doing that, another option follows.

Remove the same relay as above. Bend over the one lead of the relay labeled 85 or 86. Either one will work. reinsert relay into original position.

This will get you home hopefully until you can fix it properly.

(This article written up with the assistance of Steve Foster of the OQCGP)

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