GM Top Engine Clean (de-carbonization)

Written by Jason, Member 8267
Applies to the following vehicles: Grand Prix GTP and other L67 engines
Created 11/7/2003

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GM Top Engine Clean procedure

GM Top Engine Clean procedure


Special thanks to Brandon Gould for writing out most of these steps!!


Parts needed:

-GM part number 1050002 – GM top engine clean

-Full set of new spark plugs if current plugs are old

-Oil and oil filter

-2 feet of 9/32 inside diameter hose (Auto Zone or other parts store will carry this)



**The last step in this process involves an oil change, so you may want to wait until it is time to change your oil before doing this**


1.     Pull the middle vacuum line off the top of the blower by the throttle body.(There should be 3). Run a line from there into ¾ of the can and mark the hose your using to keep it ¾ submerged.

2.     Start the car (Your car will need to be at operating temp before proceeding) and put the line into the bottle of top engine clean. Have someone hold the RPMs up because the car will want to stall. The car will smoke a lot during this part of the process. This is normal

3.     After 3/4 of the bottle has gone in let off the gas and let the car choke on it and die. If it doesn’t feel like it is going to die, turn the car off anyway.

4.     Let it sit for 20-30 minutes (soaks during this time) then start the car and let it suck the rest of the contents of the can.

5.     Reattach the stock vacuum line.

6.     After that, drive (Aggressively) to get the rest of the stuff out for a few minutes. Do this at night or away from everyone. It will smoke quite a bit.

7.     Perform a fresh oil and filter change.

Also this process may or may not set the SES light as a result of fouling plugs if they are old. Therefore, it might be good to have a scanner handy and be prepared to do a plug change if they are old.



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