QTEC exhaust cutout Install

Written by Jason, Member 8267
Applies to the following vehicles: Grand Prix
Created 3/25/2003, Updated 3/26/2003

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My QTEC (Quick Time Exhaust Cutout) mod install.

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1. The first step was to chop off a little less than a foot of stock exhaust so we could slip the Flowtech Cutout over the stock exhaust and weld into place. We had to slightly expand the Flowtech Cutout piece to slide over the existing pipe. While that was being done, we decided to work on the electrical stuff...
2. After cutting out the stock pipe, we looked for a suitable place to run the electrical cord to the interior of the car. We found a place right in front of the right rear passenger seat where there is already a grommet that wires go through.
3. This is where the wires go through the grommet under the car.
4. There are 2 screws holding the grommet in place that you must remove so you can run additional wires through it.
5. More electrical work. After wrapping the QTEC wire with a layer of elec. tape and routing the cord to the center console, I decided to tap into the cigarette lighter as a source of power and a ground. This made things very simple for mounting the switch right next to the seat heater switch. Also, I figure since its such a small LED light, any power drain from the battery is negligible.
6. Another picture of the switch location.
7. After routing all the wire, and the switch, the electrical work was done and the Flowtech Cutout was back and ready to install. We discovered a minute crack on one side of the pipe as a result of expanding it, but since it was being welding into place, it proved not to be a problem. Here is the installed cutout. Notice I mounted it facing the outside of the car. This yielded about .5" more ground clearance than going towards the inside of the car.
8. Here's another angle, with the cutout open.
9. This shows the wrapped QTEC wire tied to the stock wire
10. Another shot of where the wire enters the car.

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