''Cold'' Air Intake 88-96 Grand Prix

Written by Danielle Briones, Member 9024
Applies to the following vehicles: 1st Gen W-Bodies
Created 5/21/2003, Updated 5/22/2003

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"Hot" Cold Air Intake via Autozone stuff.

This is an easy mod that can be done for like any car, and this is an alternative to other people’s intakes.

Go to Autozone and buy an intake pipe for the 92-00 Civic, it’s in the “Ricer” section. While you’re there, buy your conical air filter of choice. Take it home and take out your stock airbox setup.

More or less all you really have to do is cut the straight end of the piping to the right length so it actually fits in the engine bay, as the civic pipe is far too long otherwise.

All that is really needed is the bend and some length. If the car is equipped with a MAF sensor, there may be a little more work needed to get the plumbing right, but it’s easy and doable.

The pipe kit comes like a grommet to use for the IAT, and a spot to hook up the factory breather. it also has a rubber coupling and a clamp to connect the TB to the intake pipe. For the non-MAF cars, everything that is needed is right there. If by chance your car uses a maf you could use a bit of the stock intake hose (just cut what you need) or I'm sure you could find a coupler from a home depot type store, likely where the plastic tubes for plumbing can be found. Then the intake pipe would be two pieces, rather than one piece.

If you made it this far to do something totally custom, now all you have to do is attach your conical filter. I was cheap this day, and just bought a Spectre Conical filter instead of a K&N. I slid it over the end of the intake pipe, and stuffed the completed intake pipe in the car. tightened all clamps, and I was done. First time I started the car, there was a real eye opener. The new-found sound is great. Once you complete this, I hope you like it too. this is how it looks completed:

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