Clear Sidemarkers 88-96

Written by Danielle Briones, Member 9024
Applies to the following vehicles: 88-96 Grand Prix
Created 5/21/2003, Updated 5/22/2003

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Clear Sidemarkers

On the 88-96 Variety of Grand Prixs, they use 6 reflectors. With a white car, there is always a desire for them to blend in. Those reflectors stick out like a sore thumb. One day, while brainstorming, I decided to do something about it. This customization can be done on my model, 88-96, but this job here was done on a í94 B4U equipped model.

First things first. Take off all of the reflectors around the car. They each are attached by two 10mm nuts on either side. The hardest to get off is the rear bumper reflectors. The fronts on my car are lighted, so they will be a bit different than the rears. Additionally, the light sockets will have to be taken off.

For the rear reflectors, and rear side, I covered them in reflective white tape, which is availiable @ any auto store. I took a trip to Menards, and bought ceiling light tile lens material. It's very similar to the stock reflector material, and is easily cuttable. I cut them to proper shape and size to go over the sidemarkers. Since the lenses were now covered by tape, screws were needed to attach the newly cut lens to the taped up ones. Apparently itís illegal to have the rear reflectors any color other than white, so you might want to leave them alone, however, I did not. My rear ones are also white/clear, along w/ the rear SIDE markers. For attachment, all was needed was to drill a pilot hole thru the "new" lense, and over the stock lense. Then I put in a screw on either side of the lens. As easy as that, I had new sidemarkers, for next to nothing.

As for the front lenses (they need to light up) I carefully broke off the stock amber lens, and painted the back side housings that were left over, silver.(stock is brown) I then attached the lens in the same way as the back. Pretty simple.

I replaced the light sockets for the stock bulb, since the stock bulb is a really small bulb, and no true bright WHITE/BLUE bulbs are out there for that pure bright white look. My socket of choice was a 194, since it's a common size, and a blue bulb could be found. Now Itís as simple as finding a way to reattach the light socket to the back of the sidemarker housing. I was able to wedge the rubber base for the 194 socket into the stock spot where the old socket otherwise clipped in. After reinstalling the lights, I was done, and I had a all-new and custom look. Try it yourself!

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