Headlight eyebrows

Written by Chad Larson, Member 5053
Applies to the following vehicles: 97-up Grand Prix (all)
Created 4/10/2003

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A lot of people have bought clear headlight covers and taped them off and painted "eyebrows" across the top of them to give the appearance of a "squinty" headlight.

This is a reasonably easy mod to do, but what if you want "3d" looking eyebrows like the ones for BMW's and such?

Well, that's a fairly easy thing to get!

1. Pick up some headlight covers for your car. Tinted or clear are fine, depending on if you want to paint them. Paint should be done on the inside of the covers so they will not chip, so get clear if you want to paint them.

2. Measure off how far down the light you want your eyebrows to come, and make a mark on the headlight cover. Using a straightedge, either make a mark or do a tape line across the cover at the height you want the eyebrow to stop.

3. Using some sort of cutting tool ( a band saw works well ), cut the top part of the headlight cover off at the mark you made. Discard the bottom part of the cover. Voila, you now have eyebrows!

4. To mount them, you can use velco or 3M molding tape, depending on if you want them to be removable in the future or not.

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