Rear Bench to Rear Bucket Seats

Written by Joseph Smith, Member 11193
Applies to the following vehicles: Pre-97 W-Bodies
Created 4/7/2003, Updated 4/8/2003

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Items Required:
Two (2) replacement bucket seats.
NOTE: Must be out of a W-Body. I got mine out of a 91 Cutlass Supreme so I'm sure other W-Body's will work also.
Sockets & a wrench with an extension (14mm and 10mm sockets)
Replacement Carpet
Spray Adhesive
Scissors and/or Razor Blade

Step 1. Remove your back seat.
a) There are two screws (14mm I believe) located on the bottom part of the seat you must remove first. If you were sitting on either the left or right side, the screws would be on the bottom part right between your legs. Remove those two bolts and then the bottom half of the seat should just lift out. You may have to push out the seat belt parts before you take it all the way out.
b) Next, take off two bolts (10mm I think) located on the bottom part of the top half of the seat. It normally would be hidden by the bottom half of the seat. They are lined up pretty much with the other screws. To remove the top half of the seat, you must lift up and then pull out.

This is what it will look like. You probably didn't hide your system wires in such an intelligent manor as I did at the time, but I did end up re-running them after this picture was taken before I moved onto the next step:

Step 2. Refurnishing.
To refurnish, you will need a carpet that closely matches your interior, or whatever color preference you have. Take a large section and lay it over the tar paper, trying to keep the top part level, the bottom part doesn't matter yet. Line the top part up so it will be flush and even, overlapping a little bit. Once you have the general idea of how it will be lined up, take it down again and take a pliers and rip out the little white things. Then take a screw driver or razor blade and poke a hole through the carpet where you want the carpet to be lined up at the top so the white thing can go back in. Then push the white thing through the carpet and back into the hole. Repeat on the other side. Then continue to trim the carpeting around the top corners by the seatbelt and sides so it lines up nicely with the sides and bottoms and doesn't come over the seat belts.. then where the brackets on the middle top side, cut the carpeting out from them so they can still be used, you will need them for the new seats. Then on the bottom be sure to trim off the carpet so the bottom bolts where the washers and nut once were out so the whole thing can still be used. Once you are done with that, flip up the carpeting and soak the tar paper down with spray adhesive. Then pull the carpet down and push it down and spread it out evenly. Wait a few minutes and check if any sides aren't down tight, and then spray both the tar paper and the carpet and then push them together. Make sure the middle part is sprayed extra heavy too as there won't be any seat covering that part up.

This is somewhat what your seats should look like... colors will vary.

Step 3: Installing the new seats
Alright, this is the easy part now. The bucket seats should just mount in the same way you took your bench out, but one on each side. I took mine out of an Oldsmobile Cutless Supreme and it was pretty much the exact same thing. The only difference was one of the brackets didn't match up but it's still sturdy enough without them for me. Now you have to put the back rest part in first, and then the bottom part. Everything should match up right and should bolt up just like your bench did.

This should be somewhat what your final product is. I chose to put seat covers on my rear buckets to match my front seats however. So your colors and styles will vary, but thats pretty much all there is to it.

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