Grand Prix 12'' Brake Upgrade

Written by Mike Napurano, Member 1
Applies to the following vehicles: 1997-2003 Grand Prix
Created 5/12/1999, Updated 5/24/2000

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Okay, you want better braking, but aren't up to spending the big bucks on the Baer Racing kit? GM actually put 12" Rotors on a few cars, that will work on our cars. This upgrade will fit on the stock 16" 5-spoke wheels, but will not fit on the stock crosslaced wheels. This is a front rotor upgrade only.

Special thanks to Paul Jerkatis for doing the part number and pricing research.

Stock 10.9"
Aftermarket 12"

I'm assuming you can handle a typical brake job, so I won't go into extreme detail.

Okay, so what do you need? Well, below is a list of most of the parts and tools.

Click on any of the pictures below for a close up.

A shot of the new rotors.
(These are the ACI/Aimco rotors)

Here is a shot of the stock rotors, brackets, etc.

Stock setup. Here you can see the bracket bolt that needs to be removed.

Here are the old (left) and new (right) brackets. You can definately see that the new brackets are bigger.

Another shot of the old and new brackets.

New rotor (left) and stock rotor (right)

As you can see, the stock rotor has been removed, and I have the caliper assembly resting on the drive.

You will need to remove the caliper from the bracket. In this picture is the removed bracket.

If you plan on reusing the dust boot from the old brackets, you need to remove them. Here you can see one of them removed.

Here I am removing the dust boot using a cold chisel to get it off the old bracket. Be careful not to damage the rubber boot. Simply tap the chisel in around the base of the boot where it meets the bracket. That part of the boot is solid and you will separate it from the bracket. Work your way around the boot until you can remove it.

Note: If you have purchased the new boots, you can skip this step [grin]

There is one other part you will need to remove from the stock bracket. It is a rubber fitting that is down inside the bracket. Use a curved tip pick to go down into the hole and pull it out.

New Rotors are slipped on, as is the new bracket with the new pads slid into the mounts on the bracket.

Here is a close up of the pads installed in the new bracket and slid onto the rotor.

A front shot of the new pads and bracket installed.

Bolt the bracket back onto the car.
Next slide the caliper back over the rotor assembly. Make sure you compress the little dust boots so you don't tear them. Bolt the caliper assembly to the bracket.

Voila! New 12" Brakes!

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