Written by Jerry Homolka, Member 1682
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Created 3/26/2003, Updated 6/27/2005

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Purpose: To remove a bit of clutter from the back of the car. This is a totally cosmetic mod. Total time: 10 minutes

I first saw this mod on the GTP of Frank Gore and liked the way it made the back of the GTP look cleaner. I had also heard of various methods of removing the badges. The most popular seemed to be heating the plastic badge until it came off with relatively little effort using a commercial heat gun. The result was a clean removal but often left the badges warped or bent out of shape.

I used a combination of the floss and hairdryer technique. Basically what I did was pass a doubled up line of floss between the car paint and the badge being careful to pull away from the paint and cause no damage anywhere. This then left the sticky rubber residue of about 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch thick on the car. This is where the hairdryer came in. I heated the left-over rubber residue to the point that it was uncomfortable to touch and rubbed it off into a small ball using my bare fingers. I then reheated the area and dabbed the residue rolled up into a small sticky ball onto the area to further remove as much of it as possible. At this point there was very little left but it was not perfect. I sauntered into my garage grabbed a piece of soft paper towel and sprayed a bit of WD-40 onto it. By gently rubbing the WD-40 soaked paper towel it safely removed 100 of whatever residue was left. I then thoroughly washed the area with a gentle soap and water I just happened to be Dawning my car in preparation for its 2nd claying and waxing party until it was impossible to see where the original badging was.

The end result is a pleasantly bare area just below the trunk keyhole. In the future I might put something else there but for the moment I quite enjoy it as it is.

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