Running your Power Wire

Written by Mike Napurano, Member 1
Applies to the following vehicles: 1997-2003 Grand Prix
Created 10/15/1998, Updated 4/2/2003

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A popular question that I have been asked is "Where can I run my power cable for my new amps?". I have answered a few times, but have decided it deserved a little section of its own. So here you go!

Where to get power, and protection

To the right is a picture showing a perfect example of how you should start your new power cable runs. Running your new power cable from the Battery is your best bet. Run the cable from there to an aftermarket circuit breaker or fuse in the engine compartment. Be sure that it's AMP rating is appropriate for the load you will be requiring. In this example, you will note that there are 2 separate 4 ga. power runs, and 2 circuit breakers... one for each power cable.

Under the hood power
wire with protection
Running the cable through the firewall

There is a perfect location to run your new power cables through the firewall! On the passenger side of the car, under the carpet, on the high side of the kick panel against the firewall is a factory grommet with a bundle of factory wires. (ie: just above where your foot rests if you sit in the passenger seat.) This is where you want to run your cables through! There is a lot of room, and they make it very easy. To the right is a picture of this location, with our 2 new power wires coming through from the engine compartment.

You will find a large rubber grommet surrounding the cable bundle that is there. Using a regular size flat head screwdriver, you should be able to work the rubber grommet out (toward you, and into the floor of the car). The grommet is about 1" thick, so don't be suprised when it comes out. Now you can easily run your new power wire through the hole, and then pop the grommet back in place!

Power wires coming
through the firewall via
the factory grommet

You should be able to take it from here!

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