Custom 4 Fender Well Intake

Written by Chris Duke, Member 23708
Applies to the following vehicles: 97-03 Grand Prix
Created 11/19/2007

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Materials Needed-

4 to 3 Coupler For Stock Throttle Body Only
4 90 degree Flexible Elbow
4 Thin Wall PVC Pipe At least 15 inches long
3 to 4 Thermoplastic Roof Flashing
7 Air Cone with 4 inlet

Step 1-

The first thing that needs to be done is the front bumper needs to be removed completely from the car. Instructions on how to do that can be found here -

Once you have the front bumper removed youll see that the fender bracket is in the way. You will have to cut parts of this off so that your air cone will fit. Make sure you mark what needs to be cut well and only cut small sections at a time because only a portion needs to be removed. Not the entire thing.

Step 2-

Now in order to make your custom FWI intake you will need to get your thin wall PVC pipe and cut a 11 1/2 inch section and a 3 inch section out.

Step 3-

Now cut your 90 degree elbow into two identical halves

You will only need one half of this elbow so the other half can be tossed aside.

Step 4-

Using the 3 long piece of PVC pipe you cut out earlier connect the 4 to 3 coupler to the 90 elbow and clamp both sides down. It will be a very tight fit to get the PVC pipe inside of the elbow but it will fit.

Step 5-

Now with your roof flashing...

Cut it down to these dimensions...

If it doesnt fit exactly right thats fine just trim it up if need be until it fits the way you want it to.

Step 6-

With your 3 PVC pipe connecting your coupler and your elbow together mark off the location for your IAT sensor and find a drill bit just slightly smaller than the IAT itself and drill a hole into the side of the coupler so that the IAT fits snug into it.

Now go ahead and push the intake pipe through the roof flashing and clamp the air cone down onto one side of the intake pipe as well.

With that being done go ahead and connect the other end of your intake pipe into your 90 degree elbow and clamp it down so that now you should have a complete intake.

Step 7-

Position the air cone into the fender well through the inside of your engine bay and position the intake the way it needs to be.

Slide the coupler onto your throttle body and then slide the roof flashing down the intake pipe until its snug up against the inner fender and connect your IAT sensor back up.

Once youve got it all complete you should have an intake identical to this. :D

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