Interior lights

Written by joe medvan, Member 21185
Applies to the following vehicles: 97-03 grand prixs
Created 5/25/2005

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Rear colored interior lights

This is a trick I used in my 99 gt after painting the rear armrests. it is a simple trick that should take less then 15 minutes per side to do and it looks great. I chose red because thats the color I painted the armrests in the back.

To start get a VERY small flat screwdriver and pop off the clear light covers above the seatbelts. Once off take a phillips and remove the 2 screws holding in the white light holder. Once the screws are out remove the light bulb by squeezing the black clips together. After this step you should wash the white bulb holder and rinse with alcohol.

Next step is to paint the color of choice once paints dry pop the bulb back in.


When putting the screws back in the little black metal screw holders in the frame sometimes fall out. If your screws dont catch get a pair of needle nose pliers and you can remove the screw brackets. once removed reinstall through the front and screw the light holder back in.

If the clear light cover clips break replace the bulb and apply a few drops of super glue to the light cover. It is important to replace the bulbs if you have to glue the covers onit is hard to replace them omce glue I learned the hard way

Once back together wait until night and turn on the interior lights and the results will be amazing.

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