Easy Strut Tower Brace Install

Written by Andrew Burke, Member 19778
Applies to the following vehicles: 1997-2003 Grand Prix
Created 10/8/2004, Updated 10/12/2004

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In a move uncharactersitic of General Motors, the powers that be have given us a full kit (GM # 12498648) for doing the Strut Tower Brace upgrade.

A full description of the kit is listed on www.gmgoodwrench.com and the kit costs about $30 for the front bar, rear bar, instructions, and all necessary bolts.

This kit includes not only instructions for exactly how to do the uprade, but templates to use when drilling the holes. You just xerox the templates, cut them out, and tape them to your towers. The instructions don't have any pictures but are written well enough that you can easily figure them out.

One note, the instructions tell you to drill 7/16" holes to install the bolts for the front, which are much bigger holes than you need. Mine are drilled to 3/8" and I had no trouble whatsoever. You only have to accomodate 8mm bolts. Also, do yourself a favor and get a cobalt drill bit... I work in the hardware industry and trust me, they are the best thing out there for cutting steel. You will also find it much easier if you drill in steps because it is less metal to cut.

I started with a 1/8" bit then stepped up to 1/4" then 3/8". This made it very easy to drill the front towers. You will not need to raise the car to install the front bar and I finished it in less than 15 minutes, even taking my time.

I have not done the rear bar yet, but I do not reccomend ignoring the second bolt on each end like the other write up says. That would put lateral force on the bar unevenly and possibly cause it to bend. GM explains that you do have to lower the rear struts to drill the holes for the two extra bolts, but it is worth the work for the piece of mind. Plus it eliminates any possible flex in the bar itself.

Any questions, email me.

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