Replacing Burnt-out Steering Wheel Light bulb

Written by Christa Cooper, Member 19432
Applies to the following vehicles: All
Created 10/5/2004, Updated 10/12/2004

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Replacing Burnt-out Steering Wheel Light bulb...Courtsey of Drexel-Sux

My left side went out a few weeks ago and I didnt feel like ripping the wheel apart to get the buttons out. I just kinda pryed on the whole assembly untill it was about an inch out. There is a connector on the back but I didnt have to undo it. I had enough slack on it to work comfortably while still attached.

There are 4 to 6 little plastic clips around the perimeter of the button that you have to pry open. I used a dental pick and a small flat blade screw driver.

Once you get them loose the whole grey front panel of the switch pops off. Inside is a small circuit board with 4 tactile switches and a bulb with red filter. It is held down with 1 or 2 screws, but I didn't undo those to take out the bulb.

Take the Red rubber filter off the bulb and dont let it out of your sight. I left mine in the driveway and the color of the buttons looks like garbage without it. Luckly I found it later on and put it back on.

I have a fine tip solder iron that I used to heat up the legs of the bulb. The solder that is there will melt and you can lift the bulb out with fine tip needle nose pliers or tweezers.

Clean up the two holes the bulb was solderd to. Use the Copper Braid Solder remover sold in Radio Shack Put if over the two thru holes and heat it up with the iron to get all the left over solder off the board and into the braid.

Radio shack bulb number: 272-1154 (12v 50mA Bi-Pin Lamp)

The brightness is almost a dead match so you don't have to worry about changing the other side to match intensity. Drop the bulb into the 2 thru holes. Polarity doesn't matter so either leg can go in either hole. Apply alittle bit of solder to the base of each leg. After that be sure to put that Red Filter back on.

The grey faceplate of the switch just pops back on. Then just press the whole assembly back into the steering wheel so it sits flush.

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